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HR Support Center for clients of Auxilian Insurance Services is your one-stop resource for HR-related workplace information. Please log in to find the answers, tools and resources to address your Human Resources needs. Check back often, as there are regular updates and new information for your use.

Basic Services include:

  • A quick (3-minute) audit you can take to see how your policy and procedures meet current guidelines – highly recommended for new clients.

  • Access to hundreds of well written forms, policies, procedures, checklists and compliance guides which can be incorporated into your own HR manuals or procedures

  • Extensive searchable knowledge bases and Quick Guides for issues like hiring, termination, COBRA, ERISA, HIPAA and Healthcare Reform

  • Ability to configure automatic alerts to inform you of important changes to Federal Laws and/or the laws of any States that you select

  • Extensive educational material, including the 3-minute audit, a monthly newsletter and podcast, and access to all current and archived HR-related research and articles

In addition to these services, we are providing access to many other high-quality services through HR Answerlink and its partners. These include complete customized HR manuals, unlimited expert voice and email support to answer your specific HR issues, and links to several service providers to help you with other HR and Benefits-related issues. Please note that some of these services, such as the customized HR Manual, require a fee.

We are pleased to offer this value-added service and thank you for working with Auxilian. If you are not currently a client we encourage you to consider using us. Our goal is to provide you with great advice, excellent service and a variety of value-added tools to help you attract and retain the employees that are critical to your success.

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If you are currently a client but don't have a Support Center Account, please contact us to request one. If you are not currently a client, please contact if you would like to test drive our HR Services.


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