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       Provider Directories

We understand that often the availability of doctors and facilities you know and trust is crucial in your choice of a health plan. The companies we represent have extensive networks of the best physicians and facilities in the area.  Click on the button to the left to see physicians and facilities in the various networks or to find a facility or practitioner for your immediate or future reference. If we don't have the directory for a company you are interested in, we will try to add it: click here to email us a request, be sure to include the name of the insurer or network.

Note that many of these sites will ask you to log in and/or select your health, dental or vision plan. Any of the sites that do ask you to log in will also have an option for non-members or "guests" If you do not know your plan type or code, check in both a PPO network and an HMO network if available to see if the provider or facility is in one or more networks. Often when you find a provider there is an option to view which networks or plans they participate in. If you have any doubts you can also call them and their staff will usually know which networks they participate in.